A quick answer is yes. However, there is a “but”!

In order immediate implant placement after extraction be successful, certain conditions must be met.

After extracting a tooth, it is important to have adequate bone surrounding the dental implant so it can be stable so the anatomy of the extraction socket is important to achieve this goal. Having said it, it is not an easy task and requires skills, knowledge and experience. Many clinicians prefer to extract the tooth, graft it and wait for it to heal for 3-4 months and then go back and surgically insert it. There is nothing wrong with that approach. It just requires two separate surgeries and may take a bit longer to complete.

Below are a few links that demonstrates extraction and immediate implant placement. Some clinicians like to call it tooth in a day.

  1. Case One. Extraction of a bicuspid, immediate implant placement and same day implant restoration.
  2. Case Two. Surgical dental implant placement with a delayed restoration.
  3. Case Three. Surgical implant placement and same day implant supported provisional crown to replace a front tooth.

Babak Noohi, DDS, MS