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Brian C

It was a good visit. Informative and efficient. Thanks.

June B

He was very patient with both my Mom (90 years old) and myself. Spent a considerable amount of time with us and was very thorough. The staff in the office were very kind and helpful too.

Ann B

This was my first visit with this dentist after going to his business partner for many years. Dr. T unfortunately passed away and I was a bit nervous going to a new dentist after so many years with the same one whom I liked very much. Dr. Noohi was very nice, professional and explained things throughout the visit. I recommend him.

Brian M

Very thorough in explaining what he was and will be doing to lengthen my tooth that broke at the gum and will put crown on in a little over a month. Dr. N is very professional and very concerned that the patient has an excellent experience. Highly recommend him and his staff.

Milton S

This was my first visit to the office since my dentist died. Dr. Noohi is fantastic.

Michael S

Dr. Noohi was very thorough and honest about my dental situation. He took the time to explain all of my options in depth.

Michael D

Dr. Noohi is VERY thorough in explaining your dental condition and the options available to you. I greatly appreciate this.

Davis M

I was completely satisfied with Dr. Noohi. The cleaning was very thorough, and I felt his suggestions/recommendations were fair and most helpful.

Robert M

Good visit well worth the visit good dr

Penney L

I cannot say enough about the care I have received from Dr. Babak Noohi! I am about to complete having two implants done with him and he is truly one of the best doctors I have ever had in any field! He takes the time to explain everything as well as give different options for treatment (he always schedules plenty of time so you never feel rushed and never have to wait in the waiting room more than 5 minutes); his gentle yet professional manner inspires confidence and his goal is clearly to make sure that his patient is perfectly satisfied. I have sent several friends to him for major dental issues and they are all extremely happy as well. I recommend Dr. Noohi without hesitation!

Terry S

Very positive appointment. Dr. Noohi and staff were very professional and did a good job of explaining the procedure being performed.

Edward K

My visit went very well, even though I was dreading the drilling. I feel like I received top flight service!

Matthew S

Dr Noohi is a very competent, thoughtful and kind Dr. and person.

Noah K

My son and I both needed a new dentist and I feel that we both found our new family dentist. I highly recommend Dr. Noohi.

Anna B

Excellent. Very competent and courteous, well informed and transparent. Inspire confidence.

Kathleen Doyle

Professional don't mind going to the dentist anymore. Educates which I need and really appreciate.

Joanna Lewton

Dr. Noohi and his staff are so wonderful, professional and patient. Dr. Noohi is respectful, compassionate and gentle and did not make me feel guilty (even though I was acting like a big baby!) What a wonderful office- I am so grateful

K. McBride

Dr. Noohi and his staff are amazing. I was greeted by Kendra, Paul and Dr. Noohi himself when I first arrived. My cleaning was superbly done by Dr. Noohi. It was efficient and completely pain free. Not only will I be returning, I highly recommend anyone to visit his office and experience his staff and the expert care you will receive. Thank you Dr. Noohi!

Scott L.

Dr. Noohi and his staff were highly recommended to me and were as advertised at my first appointment. I felt welcomed and valued even before I was in the chair. Both Paul and Dr. Noohi were extremely kind, clearly explained things to me, responded to my preferences, and made me comfortable through my cleaning and procedure. I’ve rarely felt at as much ease as under their care. I'm thrilled to have found a dental clinic I can trust without hesitation.

Will Collier

Dr. Noohi's office has always been good to me in the several years I've been going there. He has always been straightforward, polite, transparent, and effective. Pavel and Desirae are great to talk to and always help me feel more comfortable and they get us through each appointment efficiently. Kendra has always been a huge help in scheduling and billing. She's always polite, flexible, and a pleasure to talk with. This office is a good one, I trust Dr. Noohi and his team and that's what matters most. While I live in DC, I'll be getting my dental care here!

Michael D

Dr. Noohi is a consummate professional who obviously loves his profession and takes great pride in delivering a stellar job! Together with an equally dedicated assistant and office staff, I cannot recommend Dr Noohi highly enough!

Beth S

He is professional and kind.

Tom S

In addition to regular cleanings over the years, I’ve had Dr Noohi do an implant. His attention to detail is second to none. Patient comfort is a top priority. If you’re looking for a regular dentist or a specialist, he’s you’re man. Absolutely no complaints and highly recommended.

Penney L

Dr. Noohi is by far the best doctor I have ever had! He is a perfectionist and does superb work. Additionally, the classical music in the office is terrific. The most relaxed I ever am at a dentist's office!

Nick G

By far one of the best dentist offices I have ever received services at. The entire team is extremely friendly and professional. Dr. Noohi is extremely kind and genuinely cares about his patients, and his team.

Ann B

He is a knowledgeable and kind dentist who carefully discussed my options re a broken tooth. He is a very gentle dentist and I felt no pain during a 2 hour procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Noohi.

Michael M

Second visit with Dr. Noohi, third time for the practice overall. Was greeted by my name upon my arrival and was seen within seconds after my arrival. Extremely friendly and professional. Had many questions and he took the time to answer them all. Work done was excellent. Will definitely keep coming back.

Susan F.

Dr. Noohi is incredible! I have very sensitive teeth and for all of my cleanings, Dr. Noohi always takes extra time and extra care to help me feel comfortable. He is thorough and professional. When I needed crowns on my front teeth, Dr. Noohi spent countless hours figuring out the perfect shade and shape. I've never had a dentist who cared so much about making me happy with the end result. I am grateful for Dr. Noohi. 🙂

Penney Lagos

Dr. Noohi is undoubtedly one of the best doctors I have ever known. I have been going to Dr. Noohi for over two years for both implant and crowns as well as some other minor dental issues. I had gone to him for a crown about 3 years ago after having an implant with another dr. He recommended I go back to that dr. since he felt that if he put a crown on I would experience issues in a few years. I asked him if he would fix it and he actually said he felt it was only right I go back to my original dentist who, after looking at Dr. Noohi's evaluation, totally agreed with it and proceeded to resolve the problem. Due to Dr. Noohi's excellent diagnostic skills and his ethical behavior I decided to continue my dental work with him. I have sent several friends to him and they all concur. Dr. Noohi will spend whatever amount of time it takes to get it right; he also will advise you if he sees any other issues that may be important to your overall dental health. He always explains everything in detail and follows up after procedures to make sure all is well. Additionally, as someone who has "dentist anxiety," his professional and calming manner go a long way and serve his patients well.

Samantha Joy Fay

The gentlest dental cleaning I've ever had. Dr. Noohi practices state-of-the-art dentistry and walks you through what he's doing every step of the way. He and his staff are so kind and attentive. I couldn't be happier to have found this practice.

Hillary Lassiter

Capitol Hill Dentistry is exceptional, I am so glad I found them when I moved to DC. They get you in and out quickly and have high-quality customer service. I turned 26 and wasn't sure about my dental coverage, and Kendra at the front desk called my insurance and helped sort it out for me. In addition, the parking is paid street parking and Kendra kept an eye on my car during my visit. Needless to say, they are all absolute rockstars. If you're looking for a dentist on Capitol Hill, Dr. Noohi is your guy!

Edward Gardner

Dr. Noohi treated me for extensive restoration, bridge and implant work over a period of 18 months. I have a long and extensive experience with dentists over the years, and I cannot emphasize enough how impressed I am by Dr. Noohi's qualifications and integrity. He was the first doctor, after years of inadequate stop-gap solutions, to chart out a clear course of treatment that addressed the underlying problems. Throughout the lengthy process he laid out options and risks and how each would be addressed (including over the long term); and he demonstrated impressive knowledge and professionalism in the explanations he provided, and in his dedication to getting the best possible results for me--both from a medical and an aesthetic perspective. I would trust him unreservedly.

Janice F.

Two photographs,”THEN” & “NOW” would dramatically illustrate how Dr. Noohi greatly changed my life for the better. He gave me excellent, natural-looking teeth, allowing me to EAT & to SMILE. Dr. Noohi is a masterful dentist with a keen, artful gift. I have 3 friends, also his long-time patients (one, a retired dentist!), and we all praise his skill...his assistant, Pavel, is also excellent. A 5-STAR EXPERIENCE

Jim Weber

I have a lot of silver fillings and, as a result, problems with breaking teeth. Dr. Noohi has worked through many problems, from fillings to crowns. He has done so with great care and expertise and the results have been exceptional. I highly recommend him for his professionalism, skill, and level of care.

Willa Prescott

Dr. Noohi and his staff truly go the extra mile for their patients. Amazing dental care and customer service.

Julia Sosnovskaya

“I was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Dr. Noohi and staff. The front desk person & assistant welcomed me with a smile and were very helpful making sure I felt comfortable. The doctor was very attentive and took his time to explain all the procedures that needed to be done. Even though my case was complicated, Dr. Noohi made the whole process smooth and pain free. The result highly met my expectations! I can tell the doctor is extremely experienced, knowledgeable & professional. I would recommend this Doctor to everyone and especially to someone who needs sophisticated dental work.”

Christina Osborne

Dr. Noohi was referred to me by my endodontist. Am I ever glad I went to him! I had had a number of root canals and needed crowns. Dr. Noohi was always kind and patient, even when I was frustrated and in pain. He explained each part of a procedure in great detail, and made me very comfortable with everything that was going to happen before doing it. He takes great pride in his work, and doesn't settle for less than he's capable of. My teeth are no longer in crisis, and I have Dr. Noohi to thank for that. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a trustworthy dentist.

Jay P

Always the best. I travel 3 hours to see him.

Fabien Armogathe

I first went to Doctor Noohi because I got a toothache and he identified that I had an infection in my jaw. I had been to a few dentists in Germany and they had my brush better not knowing that I had an infection. He relieved my pain and referred me to an Endodontist to complete the root canal on my molar. He was able to fill the hole in my porcelain onlay and save me several hundred dollars because I didn't have to have a new one made. I have become a patient and asked my wife to to go there to. We trust him and he is very knowledgeable. It's been a year since I first saw him and my tooth is in great shape. Highly recommend him.


Since my first appointment with him, Dr. Noohi has unfailingly been welcoming and thorough. He always goes out of his way to explain what he is doing and answer any questions and he appointments feel like visiting an old friend. The rest of the team is equally friendly and professional. I would and have sent my friends!

John R.

Y'all ROCK !!!! As always - efficient, personable, reliable and just awesome. thanks thanks thanks again for taking care of my snaggletooth emergency and happy holidays!

DuWayne Graham

This dentist was a recommendation from a friend for convenience purposes, as I was looking for a dentist close to my job I could see during my lunch break. I travel about 70 miles each way to and from work, thus resulting in a 4 hour commute everyday . For this reason, I to try and squeeze as much as I can during the week so I can enjoy my weekends. This was definitely my best dental experience since being a child. It's so convenient, about 5 minutes away from my job and ALL of the staff is extremely pleasant, helpful and they were accommodating to my late arrival. Because of the work I needed done, they were willing to split it into two visits to accommodate me. The dental assistant was well versed and schooled me, hipping me to some oral facts that unbeknownst to him, I have adopted. The MEAN, ROUGH hygienist was GREAT!!!! She was VERY informative and thorough. I playful described her as ROUGH because she ENSURED to do a great job...THANKS MUCH! GREAT DENTIST AND WILL BE RECOMMENDED!!!! Thanks for a great experience and many appointments to come...

Char Silberg

Dr. Noohi is a topnotch dentist/prosthosdontist. I sought him out because I needed specialty work on a broken tooth. He's thorough, very communicative, and has the latest in digital x-ray technology and tools. I made the mistake of then going to another dentist for "routine" dental work simply because he was closer to where I live. The "other" dentist told me I needed more crowns than necessary, had outdated equipment and a dingy office. His x-ray technology that didn't show what was happening clearly with my teeth , and on top of it all, started a procedure that I had several problems with. The "second" dentist wasn't available to fix the problem, but Dr. Noohi on very short notice saw me on Christmas eve day because I was leaving the country and had aching pain. Dr. Noohi saved me from work that was incomplete and that would have led to future problems! He takes great care and pride into explaining what his concerns are, and exactly what work he will do to remedy problems. He shows pictures and diagrams to educate the patient. I've never met any dentist who was more thorough and careful in his work. He spends time clearly communicating details in emails. He's also very gentle, yet highly skilled. I completely trust his judgement and his work. I highly recommend him. He's competent, skilled, careful and very smart. And his office is spotless, and his equipment is state-of-the-art. Also, his assistant Paul and office manager, Kendra a good support team. The location is south of Capitol Hill and has street parking.

Kimberly J.

My visit and consultation with Dr. Babak Noohi was fantastic. I was greated by a very warm and inviting man; the doctor. He ask me all about myself to gain a better understanding as to the person I was.  He spent great time to understand exactly what I wanted to accomplish with smile. His bedside manner was so warm and inviting and I was able to be open with what I wanted the end result of my smile to be. He is extremely knowledgeable and versed on the many different treatment plans that can be made for his patients. His staff and receptionist are just as professional. The office was inviting, immaculate and very comfortable while I waited to be seen by the Doctor. I was made to feel that his dental practice was happy to have my visit. I left my consultation feeling very happy and optimistic about my future treatment plan and smile. I would recommend Dr. Noohi to all my friends and family without hesitation. He is top in his field.

Bonnie W.

I am not afraid to go to the dentist when I go to see Dr. Noohi. He is very calming and thoughtful. Highly recommend!

Martha M.

Dr Noohi, Paul and Kendra are wonderful . I actually enjoy going to the dentist now. Five Stars!

Sally C.

Thank you for the excellent care that you provided me yesterday at my appointment to install my permanent crowns and veneers.  You went above and beyond what I would ever expect of you and your office to do for me; and, I am very grateful for your willingness to ensure that I received the best possible outcome at my appointment.  I am very pleased with the results.
Thank you again.

John R.

Wow wow wow - from the always friendly & efficient & helpful front desk (welcome Jasmine!) to Dr. Noohi's longtime right hand Paul who is awesome in so many ways (responsive, patient, willing to go the extra step) to hygienist Desiree who I didn't see on this visit but always make me laugh and does a great job (and still need to meet Rachel) to Dr. Noohi himself who is beyond attentive and expertly performs procedures that are painless and effective......this is a terrific office from start to finish. And, they have all the modern technological bells & whistles you'd want from a dentist. And, best of all (at least to me!) they do not hesitate to immediately help during urgent dental times -- I have had several veneers unexpectedly break over the years leaving me with a wicked looking gap in my teeth but within hours they had it fixed. I have for years said all the same great praise about Alan Teitzman (the original dentist I saw at this practice) and after his terrible death a few years ago Dr Noohi stepped right in and has continued the outstanding all-around performance of this office.  

Jay M.

Dr. Noohi exemplifies exceptional competency and an intuitive sense of his patient’s comfort level. He is, quite frankly, the best dental practitioner I have ever encountered. He takes the time to explain things in depth. I am admittedly anxious when it comes to invasive procedures and his calming and perceptive manner always assuages my angst.  

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