Clinical Photos

I have categorized this section for easier access for the viewers and I also wrote a short history under each case for your better understanding.

This section is not merely about presenting nice photos to attract your attention. It is more about “real” life stories, and making you familiar with clinical decision makings, and proper execution of each phase with diligence and care.

Please open each link¬†under “clinical photos” to see the course of treatment photos.

If you face a similar problem, do not hesitate to conatact us to set up a consultation. My goal is to provide a range of reasonable treatment options. It is up to you which one to choose. We provide the best quality of care and use only the best dental products and technology available. In addition, we take the time to provide a complete and permanent solution for your oral health needs. We will never compromise your health or the esthetics of your smile in the interest of a subpar solution.

I have included clinical cases about, full mouth rehabilitation, ridge augmentation, Prosthodontic treatment for patients after oral cancer treatment, overdenture, complete dentures, dental implant, all ceramic onlays and crowns, etc. There are so many little things that are involved in treating a patient that I merely cannot put all of them on the web, but I hope you learn from the cases on this site. If you see a “before” smile that resembles yours, please know that we can make your “after” smile one of beauty, just as each patient on this site had their smile, and life, completely and positively changed.

I will try to keep this section updated from time to time. If you have any request in particular please feel free to email me.