Every day, patients approach me seeking advice on various cosmetic dental procedures. When it comes to elective treatments such as veneers or aesthetic periodontal procedures, the possibilities are vast.
As a specialist with dual certifications, I am equipped to handle even the most challenging cases and deliver optimal results.
Before consulting your prosthodontist about what can be done for you, it’s beneficial to consider a few essential questions.
Taking the time to reflect on the following points can help guide your decision-making process.
• What is your expectation from the treatment you are seeking? Are you looking for some degree of “improvement” or you are looking for an “ideal” outcome. If you are thinking about veneers, YOU need to answer if you want 2, 4, 8, 12 or 14 veneers, because you will be paying for it.
• How frequently you will be available for your treatment visits?
• What is the budget for the treatment you are expecting to have. Have you set aside a budget for what you want? Or you are solely relying on your dental insurance to pay for it?
• Have you asked your dental insurance if they pay for cosmetic treatment? Are you aware anything that is labeled AESTEHTIC/COSMETIC is not payable by your dental insurance? They will consider it unnecessary.
• Are you concerned about the quality of the care you get or you are looking for its affordability even if it is a superficial dental treatment?
• Have you done any research to educate yourself about the treatment you are seeking? You may consider a consulation prior to make your decision, if you do not have enough inforamtion.
• Do you care if a team of specialists take over your treatment or you want a general dentist to do it all for you?
• I think it is best to make a list and write what YOU want and then discuss with your dentist.
• I always tell my patients, I can find out what you “need” during the dental exam, but that is not the key, I’d like to know what you “want”. If you don’t know what you want, then it is pretty unpredictable to deliver a satisfactorily treatment outcome.
• Affordability does not mean lower Quality. An affordable quality work will last the same as ideal quality work, but they are not the same. For example a removable partial denture does not feel the same as a fixed restoration (bridge) in your mouth. Tell your Prosthodontist what you desire, honestly and frankly, and I assure you will get a much better care and more predictable outcome.


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Comparing two sets of complete dentures. One is made by a General Dentist and the second set is made by a prosthodontist for the same patient.