Extraction of a canine and replacing it with a dental implant to restore aesthetics and function.

Extraction of a canine tooth results in a substantial bony defect, owing to its lengthy and robust root structure.
It is imperative to restore the bony architecture before implant placement, ensuring the longevity of the restoration and achieving desirable aesthetic outcomes.
This case exemplifies a meticulous approach at every stage to guarantee an ideal outcome. Following extraction, fundamental principles of guided bone regeneration (GBR)
were employed to augment the significant defect. The procedure involved a minimally invasive incision, implant (@biohorizons) placement utilizing the #osseodensification (@Versah) technique with
#Densah burs to enhance stability, the use of a surgical guide (@Anatomage; @osteoid) for precise implant positioning, and the application of a provisional restoration to
shape the gingival tissue to perfection. These techniques collectively contributed to achieving the optimum result.
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