Dr. Noohi is undoubtedly one of the best doctors I have ever known. I have been going to Dr. Noohi for over two years for both implant and crowns as well as some other minor dental issues. I had gone to him for a crown about 3 years ago after having an implant with another dr. He recommended I go back to that dr. since he felt that if he put a crown on I would experience issues in a few years. I asked him if he would fix it and he actually said he felt it was only right I go back to my original dentist who, after looking at Dr. Noohi’s evaluation, totally agreed with it and proceeded to resolve the problem. Due to Dr. Noohi’s excellent diagnostic skills and his ethical behavior I decided to continue my dental work with him. I have sent several friends to him and they all concur. Dr. Noohi will spend whatever amount of time it takes to get it right; he also will advise you if he sees any other issues that may be important to your overall dental health. He always explains everything in detail and follows up after procedures to make sure all is well. Additionally, as someone who has “dentist anxiety,” his professional and calming manner go a long way and serve his patients well.