I have been a patient of Dr. Noohi for years. He has been offering to replace my 37 year old broken and ugly porcelain veneers for all these years. I’ve been wanting to do this, but time, family responsibilities, work, life, etc. always seemed to be in the way. Last Summer, I met up with some life-long girlfriends of mine. I felt fat and dumpy (since then I’ve lost 25 lbs) and my teeth were so ugly compared to theirs. I finally made the call to Dr. Noohi that I was ready to transform my smile and entire look. He had been waiting very patiently all these years for that call.
I feel like Dr. Noohi took this project on like he was making decisions for his own teeth or those of a loved one. He was so considerate, thoughtful and took all aspects into consideration (materials, challenges that the dark greyness of my teeth presented, time and cost among others) He wanted these to last for the rest of my life (I’m about to turn 62) and wanted me to be happy with the outcome and have no regrets.

I AM!!

Dr. Noohi and his assistant, Paul Shvetsov, took 2 entire days and devoted them solely to my teeth. One day was for removal of veneers that had been on my teeth since 1987. He fitted me with provisional veneers (temporary teeth) while waiting for the final veneers and installed those. I wore those for about 2 weeks. My new porcelain veneers (17 in all) were installed in one day. They are GORGEOUS and I am so proud of them.

Throughout this entire process, Dr. Noohi, Paul, and Jasmine Able (Dr, Noohi’s receptionist) were in constant contact with me, kept me informed of all lab work (production of the diagnostic wax up to shape the teeth to ideal form, and production of the final veneers) After each procedure, Dr. Noohi emailed or called that night or the next day to check up on me.

He is patient, kind, meticulous, trustworthy, honest, and carried out the plan with scrupulous attention to details. He, Paul and Jasmine made me comfortable and at ease throughout this entire process.

I am forever grateful that Dr. Noohi is my dentist.