Wow wow wow – from the always friendly & efficient & helpful front desk (welcome Jasmine!) to Dr. Noohi’s longtime right hand Paul who is awesome in so many ways (responsive, patient, willing to go the extra step) to hygienist Desiree who I didn’t see on this visit but always make me laugh and does a great job (and still need to meet Rachel) to Dr. Noohi himself who is beyond attentive and expertly performs procedures that are painless and effective……this is a terrific office from start to finish. And, they have all the modern technological bells & whistles you’d want from a dentist. And, best of all (at least to me!) they do not hesitate to immediately help during urgent dental times — I have had several veneers unexpectedly break over the years leaving me with a wicked looking gap in my teeth but within hours they had it fixed. I have for years said all the same great praise about Alan Teitzman (the original dentist I saw at this practice) and after his terrible death a few years ago Dr Noohi stepped right in and has continued the outstanding all-around performance of this office.