Who likes to go to the dentist? Not me, but I really like my dentist and his staff. I have been going to Dr. Noohi for some time now and I’m always very pleased with the service and price. Two important things to me. I’m taking the time to write this review because this experience was above and beyond my expectations. I went for a routine cleaning and a cavity under a twenty something year old crown was discovered – on my very back molar. Thankfully I had the apt when I did because there was a razor thin line between the cavity and root. Dr Noohi explained my options from the financial aspect to the aesthetic. He went into great detail of what would be involved and put no pressure on me one way or the other. When I decided to do what was necessary to save the tooth Dr Noohi coordinated my treatment plan with the periodontist for the root canal. By that evening I was home after the root canal. Dr. Noohi checked in with me and again the following day. The day after I was back at his office for the crown lengthening and other work for the crown. I’m not a great patient, but Paul, as always. was great and he and Dr. Noohi kept me calm and informed as the work went on. Greta chairside calming presence. That evening and the next day Dr. Noohi checked in with me. Thank you Jasmine, Paul and Dr. Noohi.