Dr. Noohi is a topnotch dentist/prosthosdontist. I sought him out because I needed specialty work on a broken tooth. He’s thorough, very communicative, and has the latest in digital x-ray technology and tools. I made the mistake of then going to another dentist for “routine” dental work simply because he was closer to where I live. The “other” dentist told me I needed more crowns than necessary, had outdated equipment and a dingy office. His x-ray technology that didn’t show what was happening clearly with my teeth , and on top of it all, started a procedure that I had several problems with. The “second” dentist wasn’t available to fix the problem, but Dr. Noohi on very short notice saw me on Christmas eve day because I was leaving the country and had aching pain. Dr. Noohi saved me from work that was incomplete and that would have led to future problems! He takes great care and pride into explaining what his concerns are, and exactly what work he will do to remedy problems. He shows pictures and diagrams to educate the patient. I’ve never met any dentist who was more thorough and careful in his work. He spends time clearly communicating details in emails. He’s also very gentle, yet highly skilled. I completely trust his judgement and his work. I highly recommend him. He’s competent, skilled, careful and very smart. And his office is spotless, and his equipment is state-of-the-art. Also, his assistant Paul and office manager, Kendra a good support team. The location is south of Capitol Hill and has street parking.